Alpha Demo available!

10-3-17: Finally released a quick 2 level demo!

I few things to mention I guess, both boss attack patterns are in serious need of an rework. Threw some attacks in there to at least get an idea of what they should be doing.

Most sound effects aren't in the game yet or animations (mostly death ones). 

Currently looking at having 5-6 stages. Originally I wanted 8-10 but the I've been slowly hacking away at this thing for so long, I need to get it done and done. So a few stages will the cut. don't even know what they would have been anyway so nothing lost there.

After playing a few more recent shooters, I'm guessing the levels might be around 1-2 minutes in length. I will probably make them a tad longer in the future though. 1:30-2 mins seems short for my taste.

Others things to do is add more enemies. I thought having around 7 with a 1-2 variants would have been enough but I feel the craving for more variety.

Hopefully I can also figure out the sunvox.dll so I can use the native Sunvox music files instead of using GM:S ogg audio.

Anyway hope this is a good dev post (?) Comments? Questions? 

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